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After many years we return to serve.

To all those who miss reading the insights of passengers and others who speak to rearview mirror reporters we return with a new client base.


This is the new Vehicle


two for the minds of many

So expect a stark contrast from our previous work. Those who utilize the AAR service are unable to use public transportation. AAR provides door-to-door service (meaning curb-to-curb as drivers cannot assist passengers up or down stair, nor enter buildings) for the same range of society that makes use of public transportation.
Therefore, name of passengers will be pseudonyms and only what we feel will be of ethical or intellectual benefit will be mentioned. Naturally there will be critique of the current AAR protocols in an effort to stream line the service. 
For all intents and purposes, this is a new blog, and only the name will remain. The goal is the same however an mentioned above: to enlighten and explore the minds of readers an  passengers alike that we can aid in the growth of humanity by bringing to the public discourse a heretofore largely unknown existence of a segment of the population treated with, unfortunately, very little respect.


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How people hide intellectually or The “That’s your opinion” conversation cut off control switch (A blog posting that cost me my job).

The modern lexicon and repertoire of speech has allowed people to cut off and knowledge or information that is either contrary or illuminating their world view. It has come to a point where an individual and society at large are in danger of intellectual stagnation via reflexive semantic shielding.
I had a passenger who exemplifies this problem. A. E., who works for a major department storeĀ as a product developer (the title makes no sense except in this semantic play land of modern business English). We began to converse, as I do with almost all passengers. Somehow in the wondering words I mentioned that I have no interest in visiting Europe. It must be borne in mind that she is a Nigerian immigrant who is suffering from post colonial stress disorder and over assimilation syndrome (if the publishers of the DSM-IV can create diagnosis that fit what they want from society then so can I!).
“Oh, you don’t know what your missing. The culture and history is everywhere!” She said in response to my lack of interest. The way these word made their way out of her mouth gave the impression that NO other place has ANY HISTORY OR CULTURE.
“Well, I know that our modern western culture is a contrivance. It is not an organic phenomena. It the consumer society was a creation of marketers and industrialist to sell us the junk we buy and really don’t need. Check out ‘The Century of the Self’ by Adam Curtis. He does an excellent job illustrating how this was done.” I responded.
“Well, that’s your opinion.” She huffed in indignation.
I was in shock.
“How is it my opinion when these are well documented facts of history!?”
“Well I just don’t believe in that. I’m a capitalist.” Was all she could muster.
I admit I was really thrown off, especially by the ‘I’m a capitalist’ remark. And then I realized as she stated her reason for all her other retorts.
“….I don’t want to hear that.”
And that I the bottom line. The knowledge I was dispensing was just to destructive to her world view. She was forced to discredit reality by claiming that all I said was either from my imagination or my misinterpreting of the facts.
What if I did not persist? What if I had the same attitude as her & all those like her? Now multiply that by yourself, dear reader, and all those you know. If you think there is an intellectual stagnation, muse then with me about a world in which people only hear the fact which please them, only speak about topics which originate from perspectives like their own…. Wait a minute…. That is the world we live in!!!
I am SO grateful that I realize the boundaries of my knowledge and that I can say those beautiful, wise, and all-so-human words, “Subhan Allah, I did not know that.”
(P.S. Subhan Allah means “How far is Allah [God] from imperfection.” In uttering this a speakers is admitting at the same time their own fallibility.)
P.S. This blog entry cost me my job. I had removed the name of the woman, and if I remebered it at this time I would put it back. It just goes to show how far we as a society have slipped into fear of litigation. I had removed this entry but I was still fired because they feared what I would write in the future. However, when one steps in a cab and speaks freely their is no expectation of privacy, especially if during the course of the conversation the driver states that he maintains a blog. The bottom line: the woman about whom I wrote felt insulted when the mirror of truth was placed before her. She was insulted because, in my analysis she does not like who I see her as and the impression she left on me.

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