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The Creeping Creation of a Tattle-Tale Nation.

New York City

As the nation heads to the polls in the most disgraceful election ever, an election where hatred of the candidates is the driving force in the decision making process a dark phantom haunts the frightened denizens.

Suspicion and not presumption of innocence is the new normality of what we are to expect of one another. As a Paratransit vehicle operator it is required that my recruitment in to this mentality. The parable of the sinking ship whose upper level passengers order that the hull be broken to warm their fires. I have been handed the  axe. 



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The Liquor Marketeer and the Science of Manipulation

The world of marketing is one which scientifically breaks down everything about every purchase we make.  The choice of which liquor a person buys, where and when they buy it are no different.

I had a passenger who is a marketing strategist for a liquor manufacturer. He really knows his consumers.  As our conversation progressed, his legs began to shake in excitement and pleasure to find someone with whom he could converse and explain the subtleties of his industry to.

The science involves the sub-categorization of personality types. Let’s take the three major brands of champagne. There is 1)Cristal, 2)Dom Perignon & 3)Krug.

The Cristal drinker has a deep desire to be noticed. They want people to recognize them. An example of this is that the Hip-Hop and Rock stars are frequently seen with this brand on their tables. The Cristal drinker from the general public would like to be on TV or in a magazine so they order it in an effort to achieve this.

Then you have your Dom Perignon drinker.  This individual sees them self as rich and powerful.  He mentioned the mafia films in which this is the champagne of choice.  Bear in mind that none of these selections have anything to do with the flavor, texture, color, etc. of these products.  It is based on the image these products have developed over the years.

Now as for the Krug connoisseurs, that is how they view themselves, as being connoisseurs.  They feel as if they are part of an elite class of trend setters who have an appreciation of the ‘truly’ finer things in life.

The fact is that the science of marketing has reached a point where given three favorite drinks of a person a marketer can tell you how much that individual makes where they work, what music they prefer, whether they are a club go-er or like the bar scene, etc, etc, etc.

Even the night in a club is broken in to different markets for different types of sales.  The beginning of the night is generally more calm, and thus the drinks tend to be mixed drinks.  Then at around 1 or 3am their will be a climax point in which more shots will be consumed.

Naturally, anyone privy to this knowledge in the business of producing liquor will want to be able to tap into both parts of the night.  So, the product that his company is currently developing is one that is mixable, as well as being a straight drink.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, these marketing stratagem work and they work well.  And now with people posting all sorts of personal and semi-personal information online, the marketers will gain more knowledge and refine their science.  The best part of his part of his strategy is that it employs real situations, like promotional parties, to get people more familiar with their newest product line.

In general, us as Americans need to be much better guardians of our minds to keep the work of men like him out.  Not that he was not a likable person, it’s just that the choices we make need to be based more on our intellect as opposed to the manipulation of our natural drives and/or our subconscious desires.

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