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After many years we return to serve.

To all those who miss reading the insights of passengers and others who speak to rearview mirror reporters we return with a new client base.


This is the new Vehicle


two for the minds of many

So expect a stark contrast from our previous work. Those who utilize the AAR service are unable to use public transportation. AAR provides door-to-door service (meaning curb-to-curb as drivers cannot assist passengers up or down stair, nor enter buildings) for the same range of society that makes use of public transportation.
Therefore, name of passengers will be pseudonyms and only what we feel will be of ethical or intellectual benefit will be mentioned. Naturally there will be critique of the current AAR protocols in an effort to stream line the service. 
For all intents and purposes, this is a new blog, and only the name will remain. The goal is the same however an mentioned above: to enlighten and explore the minds of readers an  passengers alike that we can aid in the growth of humanity by bringing to the public discourse a heretofore largely unknown existence of a segment of the population treated with, unfortunately, very little respect.


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