Why the Taxi and Limosine Commision is a worthless and stupid bureaucracy.

As some of you are aware I do not have a spotless record. I had several encounters with the Criminal Justice System (or Just-us system) in my early adulthood) . It was through practicing Islam that got me clean.
I then attended community college and it was in community college when one of my brothers suggested I get a cab license. After about six or seven months he gave me the money to get the license.
I went to the T. & L.C. office in Queens.
As I handed in the application and the court deposition of my criminal history the woman said, “Perhaps you should apply for the ‘For-Hire’ license. If you get it, then take the yellow cab classes and then apply. If they deny you the F.H.V. license, you won’t lose that much money.”
“Ok, I’ll do that. Thank you.” I replied.
A few weeks later I received a letter requesting a deposition of my first arrest. At this point I need to inform you that my first arrest is only on my NYPD rap sheet. It is NOT on my court or conviction record because the charges were completely dropped.
I then began a game of phone tag with a bureaucrat from the Taxi and Limousine commission. I told him the circumstances surrounding that arrest and I finally got my license.
Now the license I have limits me to only operate ‘For-Hire’ vehicles, not yellow cabs. So I can drive for local car services and what are known as black car services.
After working with Dial 7 for about a year I felt that I should get a Yellow cab license (hack) because in the summer work with Dial 7 slowed down.
This meant that I had to attend classes and re apply for the yellow cab license. I took the classes and passed the test. At this point I received a letter stating that I would have to have a hearing to further determine as to whether or not I should receive a hack license.
I met with the woman who decides if I get the license or not by the name of Mrs. S. Landis, the Administrative Law Judge. She understood nothing I said. She asked me about my drug history, I responded stating that it was part of a past I’m not proud of and I’m trying to move on from that part of my life and after the hearing she said, “You appear to be completely unrepentant.”
I was so stunned by her brazen attempt at being a psychologist that I couldn’t speak. This bureaucrat thinks she has psychic powers! My last arrest at the time of the hearing was eight years ago! It was for marijuana.
She asked about the two moving violations I have. One is for driving with high beams in a dark area in Nassau county and the other is driving through Central Park with no passenger in the car.
“Oh, so you were driving in the wrong lane..?” She said.
“No, I was driving by myself in central park.” I responded.
“So you were driving in the wrong lane?” She repeated.
“No, it wasn’t the wrong lane. Central Park is a High Occupancy Vehicle drive.” (Two or more people in car) I attempted to explain.
“You were driving in the wrong lane.” She robotically stated again.
I could see at this point she didn’t want me to have a Yellow cab license.
I was right. About two or three weeks later I received the official letter stating so. I wrote and sent an appeal to her, only to receive what appears to be a slightly altered form letter sent presumably by Gary Weiss, the deputy commissioner of the licensing & standards, who claimed he went over my case and agreed with her.
Yet, the fact is at that point and until today I had a For-Hire vehicle license and, were it not for Aderonke E. and her hurt feelings and tiny self esteem (see blog entry ‘How people Hide Intellectually or the That’s-your-opinion-cut-off-switch’ for further details), I would have had NO complaints with the company I worked for, Dial 7. Did the TLC bureaucrats take this in consideration? I doubt it.
They are happier giving a license to foreigners who can’t speak a word of English. They are happier giving licenses to individuals who don’t know Times Square from Madison Square Garden. They would rather I disappear. This so clearly illustrates the fact that the bureaucracies are run by clueless brain dead zombies on petty power trips.
I’ve made my best effort to change my ways but I am a threat because I have a record and the foreigner doesn’t. My family and I suffer because of these pencil pushers have to put their own jobs and livelihoods over mine. Yet, we see over and over again where idiots like them make mistakes that cost lives. They are responsible for the down fall of our society and they will be the one who place you on a cattle car and off the F.E.M.A. you will go!
We need to get organized and get them out of here. The fact is that anyone who has dealt with the ‘system’ understands full and well that every department of the municipal government exists ONLY to devour the wealth of the people of New York City.


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