The Facist State and the Growing Police State

This is something that happens to many drivers. As cab, taxi or livery driver, we don’t have to wear seat belts until we are on the highway.
So I’m leaving my base and the street I went down to get to the highway is like this: Traffic signal, stop sign, Traffic signal. As I was pulling up to the stop sign a took out some itr (fragrance oil) I have and began to apply it to me beard. As I look to the left before reaching the corner, there he sat, at the stop sign, Mr. FascistPig. I made a full stop, and I could see him looking at me.
I have noticed that most pigs don’t like being looked in the eye, perhaps they feel intimidated. Maybe somewhere in their training it is mentioned that a dishonest person will look them in the eye, and those who are less intelligent among them believe it.
So I made a full stop, and continued. The pig follows, I figured he was leaving to go to another trap for motorist, but on go the lights.
I pulled over.
“May I have your license and registration?” He said automatically.
He began to look at everything for which some ticket could be written. The cars tags, me, the floor of the passenger side, etc.
“Why did you pull me over?” I asked as I handed him my license.
“You were on the phone and, uh, you don’t have your seat belt on.” Which he just noticed.
“I wasn’t on my phone. I was putting oil in my beard.”
“Do you have a phone?”
“Yes, it’s here in the holster.” I said while shifting in my seat to show him.
“This one here,” as I point to the nextel in the cup holder, “that I use for work.”
“Let me see it.” He asked.
I gave it to him. He looked and saw that it can’t be used to make telephone calls, only access my company’s server.
“Well, you still don’t have your seat belt.”
“But cab drivers don’t need to wear a seat belt until we get on the highway?”
“Yes, New York livery drivers but you have Jersey plates.”
Now, I must admit that he was not rude or hostile in any way. He was in fact pretty polite for a minion of the fascist state. But still, rather than let me go, he wrote me a ticket, in all likelihood to fill his quota or “projection” as the NYPD calls them.
“The information is on the back if you want to plead not guilty.” He said calmly as he walked away. Now, if I was in any other profession, I wouldn’t have the time to take off to go to court and have the ticket dismissed. That is what the state, meaning the government, counts on. Most people do not have the time to go to court so they wind up paying the ticket; further funding the state and financing their own enslavement.
Most people don’t realize how far we are from the original liberty our great-grand parents had in the United States. Just in a lifetime the police have transformed from being a sight and icon of comfort and safety into one of irritation and danger; the sight of a cop car on the road prompts motorist to flash their head lights to warn each other because we all know a parasite when we see it.


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