The Catholic Church & the infultration of her by Free Masonry and other Satanic & Lucifarian organizations.

Some time ago I had a Priest as a passenger. I must admit what he had to say about the Dan Brown phenomenon was extremely enlightening.
In general, well in all actuality we agreed on most of what we spoke. The decline of morality is something we both see and neither of us was ashamed to discuss.
The subject of Dan Brown he spoke about the Free Masonic infiltration of the Catholic Church. He mentioned how a person would be excommunicated for being joining Free Masonry. The most frightening part is that according to this Priest, who works with in the seminary for the Archdioceses of New York, the Catholic Church and the infiltration of her by Free Masonry, especially in the higher echalons of the Church by individuals representing groups with ideologies antithetical to the Church.
This is something that most people would dismiss as a conspiracy theory or paranoid delusions. The Free masons, as well, would probably deny this fact as well. However, their is no better way for the anti-religious goals of the Free masons to be successful then to join the organizations they wish to destroy. This method is outlined in many different tactical papers and books of stratagem.
This is a real but silent concern of the Catholic Church. It is my personal opinion, based on what is available in the mainstream media and what I have now learned by this Priest, that the child abuse and the subsequent cover ups by the church higherarchy is, in fact, a manifestation of the subversive activities of these infultratiors.


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