How the Fed gave Al-Qaeda a victory or Is it really worth your personal dignity?

During the Thanksgiving holiday week I was saddened to here that most of my passengers ready to strip, squat & cough if the TSA goons said that is would keep them safe for the Al-Qaeda boogyman.
It is EXTREMLY frightening to think of how many folks said “I don’t care what they do. As long as they keep me safe and I don’t miss my plane…” So many just parroted this line that it must have been a talking point on the news or the end line of a social engineers logic table. Meaning that social engineers put forth specific premises in the new or on the talking head shows. And the only conclusion that the majority of people who have been properly educated/indoctrinated could come to is, “I don’t care what they do. As long as they keep me safe and I don’t miss my plane.”
I’m well aware that all the ‘terror attack’ of the past twenty years were contrived, planned & enacted by the state. Yet, if one swallows the story the government has given us then we must consider the fact that all the ‘safety protocols’ that have been enacted are the EXACT result that the ‘terrorist’ were looking for.
Therefore, by going along with the plan the feds have enacted you are giving the terrorist what they want. If it is really our ‘freedom’ that they hate, a statement which is silly on the face of it and down right nonsensical via deeper analysis then by giving up our personal freedom in the name of collective safety then Al-CIA-DUH has won….


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