A waste of at least a couple hundred THOUSANDS

On 4-20-10, the U.S. Immigrations and Border patrol was spot checking the status of the livery cab drivers who entered terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport. One has to wonder, what did they hope to accomplish? Although there is a myth that many livery cab and taxi drivers are undocumented Immigrants, the fact of the matter is that this is not true. It must remain borne in mind that this is the same airport that shut down because a man took a shortcut to leave the terminal after kissing his wife or girlfriend ‘goodbye’.
In order to drive a cab, be it medallion or not, the driver has to be licensed; and with out a valid license, a driver is not insureable. Thus, at one point that driver had to obtain a Department of Motor Vehicle license. This requires either a social security card or a green card.
So once again we see the use of either the ‘smoke & mirrors’ (meaning misdirect the publics attention from what is really being done by a show, an action that does nothing to help in solving the real problem but it sure looks as if they are being vigilant) approach to law enforcement or the acceptance of recruits who have an 85 I.Q. or lower. Personally, I believe the truth is a combination of the two; higher ranks initiate policies that are big shows to give the impression to the lower ranks and the general public that “We are doing all we can to stop illegal immigration”.
My suggestion to a sleeping public is that you all remember the American tradition of questioning authority. It was this tradition that helped us move forward from the type of ‘Boss Tweed’ institutionalized corruption that has been, for the last 15 years, making an aggressive come back.


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