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I am a driver for one of the NYC largest ‘community’ car services. The word ‘community’ is a legal term used by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission. It means that the company accepts calls and work from the general public.  This is opposed to the other two extremes, which are ‘medallion’ meaning a yellow cabs; they are allowed to pick up folks who hail them on the street.  On the opposite end of the spectrum you have the ‘black car’ companies whose client base is strictly corporate accounts working with primarily company provided vouchers.
Our bread and butter are folks from all different walks of life.  They come from all different socio-econimic strata. Some are native to New York, meaning born and raised in the city, while others have just moved here.
Suffice to say it is an extremely diverse group of individuals.  The common thread that binds them to each other & then to me is that the service I work for specializes in taking people long distance.  The majority of our passengers are going to one of the three major NY area airports or to a location within the tri-state area (ie. New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut) that is not easily accessible by public transportation.
During the rides I have had countless conversations with many interesting people.  Since it is my ardent desire to become a reporter, many of my passengers have suggested I start a blog.  Now, I know, any shlub with access to the internet can have a blog and everyone who wants to be a writer of some kind has a blog, so, what will make this blog different?
Here I will place those conversations, or portions of them, here.  This doesn’t mean every single conversation as some people will object to having them posted.   In others I will not use the names of officials or divulge proprietary information or ideas.
Other conversations may be personal, yet, the theme might have some moral or spiritual insight.  If so, I will ask for permission from the passenger if I can use parts of the exchange.
I would also like to extend some of the conversations past the points where I pick up and drop off.  And I would like to include you, the reader.
So consider your self as being the proverbial fly on the wall.  I hope we, because I am looking forward to your comments, can find some insight from the conversations that we have.


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